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We provide highly professional services of emerging technology that make your business more efficient and unique. We believe client service is not a department its everyone's job.


Lemosys Infotech provides cutting edge technology to delight our clients with great output. We have long track record for successfully developing & delivering IT projects. We provide world class look- and-feel of mobile apps and websites at fraction of the cost. Lemosys is highly focused on high level of client satisfaction and maintain.

Functionality Testing

A) Validation testing

B) Links/URL Testing:

  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Email links
  • Broken links

C) Web Forms Testing

D) Database Testing

E) Cookies Testing

F) Testing of Error Messages

G) Required field and optional field validation

H) Client-side Testing

Performance Testing

Web Usability Testing

A) Accessibility

B) Identity

C) Navigation

D) Content

Compatibility Testing

Web Security Testing


Our professional teams consider when they run mobile app testing processes and this are specific to different areas of the application.

Here are the top five considerations we follow while testing mobile application :

Interrupt conditions

Testers examine how incoming/outgoing calls, pop-up alerts and notifications and the device power cycle that impact the performance of the app.

Installation conditions

Tester take a look at how the app is installed, what the process is for reinstalling or uninstalling the app, and how the program goes through updates.

Network conditions

Testers analyze the network type, quality, loss and transition.

Performance conditions

Under performance testing process, our team examine the speed and responsiveness of the application, its CPU and memory usage and examine how it contributes to battery drain as well as the app utilization of on-device and memory card storage.

Device integration conditions

our tester also look into how the app integrates with the device, including its ability to utilize the device location and GPS, video and camera, as well as how content is displayed.