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74% web users prefer to use a well-developed website. Website development is a comprehensive process. It needs to follow systematic and disciplined approaches for improved operation as well as maintenance of website applications. Website development makes customers aware of the services and products offered by the business. The major purpose of custom website development is not to have a great look and feel website, but the website should be good in performance.

Our Perceived web development at different levels

Web Page construction
Web Page Design
Web Site Design
Web Site Construction
Web- based System
Planning and Management

Why Lemosys for Website Development Services in India?

Our Simple Web-Based System Include

  • Primarily textual information in non-core applications
  • Information content fairly static
  • Simple navigation
  • Infrequent access or limited usefulness
  • Limited interactivity and functionality
  • Stand alone systems
  • High performance not a major requirement
  • Developed by a single individual or by a very small team
  • Security requirements minimal (because of mainly one-way flow of information)
  • Easy to create
  • Feedback from users either unnecessary or not sought
  • Web site is mainly as an identity for the current clientele, and not as a medium for communication

Our Advanced Web-based systems

  • Dynamic Web pages because information changes with time and user's needs
  • Large volume of information
  • We Make easy navigation to find information
  • Integrated with database and other planning, scheduling and tracking systems
  • Deployed in mission-critical applications
  • Prepared for seamless evolution
  • We believe high performance and continuous availability is a necessity
  • We are larger development team with expertise in diverse areas
  • We ready to calls for risk or security assessment and management
  • We have configuration control and management
  • Necessitates project plan and management
  • We have sound development process and methodology
  • We know Web site application as the main communication medium between the company and users hence we maintain higher standard quality